The Loan Manager System

Money managers know it’s important to have good systems so they can focus on what they do best…

improving strategy and creating more wealth. 

If you're looking for a system to build and manage your payment schedules, the Loan Manager can help.

Flexible Payment Schedules

From simple to complex…whether it’s a traditional loan structure, interest only, or a special deal with multiple cash flows at different dates (i.e. a line of credit)…

You’re covered with the Loan Manager.


   • Estimated 5 minutes to register and create your first schedule

   • Unlimited Cash Flow entries

   • Schedule history to quickly recover from mistakes


Payment Tracking

Never worry about missing another payment and falling behind.  Manage all your schedules and payments from an easy interface designed with thoughtful input from experienced clients.


   • Key payment information on one screen

   • Schedule details and payment notes one-click away

Document Templates

Some loans require legal documents…even loans to your own business if you want to maintain a good liability shield.


Download these templates and use them over and over again to maintain clear records.


   • 9 pre-configured document templates + extras

   • Add custom fields and edit wording to fit your exact needs


Automated Workflow for Document Templates

Use the automated workflow built into each document template to save time and streamline your editing process.


No need to read through line-by-line every time you need a document...just follow the prompts.


   • Compatible with Microsoft Word (Mac or Windows)

   • Supports custom fields


Note: Requires Microsoft Word (Mac or Windows)


 Additional Users


Stop worrying about the bookkeeping.  Add your personal assistant, bookkeeper and/or accountant so you can focus on your strategy and enjoy the benefits of a money manager.


   • You stay in control with 3 user-access levels (View Only, Add/Edit, Admin)


Learning Center


Specific Audio and Video training on:


   • How to use the Loan Manager

   • What you need to know to build personal and business loans correctly

   • Best practices for loan documentation


Includes diagrams for understanding of how schedules and documents fit together in a business loan.


Data Security


We use standard TLS/SSL encryption (AES128 or 256) to establish a secure connection from your computer to and the server hosting the Loan Manager app.


We also use a variety of programming and server security measures to protect against XSS, CSRF, SQL injection, DDoS and other malicious attacks.


The server hosting the Loan Manager app is automatically backed up every week and backups are kept for 4 weeks.


Payment information is handled through Stripe Checkout or PayPal so your credit/debit card number is never passed through, or stored on our servers.


What People Are Saying

"I have been really enjoying the Loan Manager and it has been a great help.  Thanks so much for the wonderful technology."

~ Dr. Robert

"Always wondered if anyone had created what you have here in that software, excellent job." ~ Gary

"It really does make managing our system so streamlined."

“I really like the software. You did an outstanding job designing it. I'm ready to pay up even though my 30 days is not up. Tell me how.” ~ Guy

Thanks for sending the resources for setting up corporate loans...  I printed out the 9 pages and set up my first corporate loan this afternoon.  I just followed your instructions and it was a snap. ~ Dr. John

“I am ready to shorten my banking time.”  ~ Jimmie

Ready to get started?


See for yourself how the Loan Manager can streamline payment schedule design and tracking.



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