DP Blueprint Software Training

New & Streamlined version coming in 2024

This training video is a replay from part of a LIVE webinar. See additional videos here.

 Do NOT try to follow along the first time you watch this. Watch carefully the first time through then come back as needed to fill in details.

 This is a fast-paced serious demonstration delving deep into running the software and designing scenarios. This training does not cover every single feature of the software – it does give you enough to get started and complete basic to intermediate level cases.

For specific questions that you don’t see addressed in this training please email: support@moneytools.net

These blueprints help prospects and clients see the value of whole life insurance by showing them how to build this great asset while they  accomplish everything else they want and need to do in their financial world.

You get to be the treasured advisor your prospects never want to leave and wish they had found years ago!