Calculator Library

Time Value of Money Calculators Package – Free

  • Basic/Standard Calculations included in Online version
  • Basic RPN (Reverse Polish Notation) included in Windows version download only – opt-in required.

10-20-70 Cashflow Review Tool – Free

Loan Manager – Free & Paid Versions

If you’re looking for a system to build and manage your payment schedules, the Loan Manager can help.

  • Flexible Payment Schedules
  • Payment Tracking
  • 9 Pre-Configured Document Templates
  • Automated Workflow for Document Templates

Passive Income Calculator – Free

  • Basic/Essential – helps you work with projections for future passive income.  You’ll probably want to try a few examples to get the best idea of what needs to happen between now and your golden years.
  • Advanced – gives you more control over fees, inflation and other factors.

Social Security Calculator – Free

Will your social security benefits be taxable?  Use this calculator to see.  Tax deferred retirement plans tend to increase tax liability on social security benefits because contributions are tax deferred and considered income upon withdrawal.

Actual Inflation Rate – Free

Use this calculator to get the real inflation rate on specific items or purchases.  Inflation affects everyone differently depending on timing and what things you buy/sell.

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