In 2006, at the age of 14, I started designing spreadsheet models and presentation tools to help my Dad (Dr. Tomas McFie) share alternative financial strategies with clients.


10 years later our family runs a business system helping thousands of people around the world to make real and steady progress toward their financial goals instead of riding the mainstream market roller-coaster.


The tools and strategies we’ve developed have been used by hundreds of financial professionals across the United States and Canada as well as our own clients.


Star Solutions was founded in 2010, the same year I started building the first Loan Manager software system.


The launch of MoneyTools.net, with the new Loan Manager (web app), is another exciting chapter in our vision to bring streamlined money management to families and financial service professionals around the world.


I’m already working on the next addition to MoneyTools.netstay tuned for the big announcement.


~ John McFie founder and CEO of Star Solutions LLC

The first Loan Manager software application

The Cash Flow Illustrator

Other Tools and Calculators

A Wealth Summit event hosted by the McFies in 2015

John at work in 2007 (age 15)

Dr. Tomas and John McFie with their latest book Retirement Curveball


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