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Data Transfer




   • Old Loan Manager (desktop)

   • Cash Flow Manager or

   • Printed amortization/payment schedules


To new Loan Manager Web App


We’ll transfer your existing schedules to the new Loan Manager, and save any documents to pdf format.


Rate: $75/hr (1hr min)  Request Data Transfer

New Loan Setup


• Standard Personal Loan*: $20

• Personal Loan with Promissory Note: $25

• Standard Business Loan*: $45

• Special: Request Quote


• Schedule Revision: $7

• Schedule & Document Revision: $15


Request Loan Setup


*Standard Personal Loan = 1 schedule

*Standard Business Loan = 2 schedules, 1 Promissory Note, 1 Company Minutes, 1 Waiver of Notice of Special Meeting

Loan Manager Training


• Live training/support (phone or web): $50/hr (1hr min)

• Professional staff training/support packages: Request Quote


Call 702-907-8277 or email to arrange live training/support.



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